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17 February 2008 @ 04:47 pm
Title : Your LIPS
Author :musikal_neko
Nakamaru Yuichi and Ueda Tatsuya ( KAT-TUN)
Rating: PG 13 (?)
Summary: Unexpected things happen that morning as they rushed to go to the LIPS PV shooting.
Notes: I don't know how to rate actually @_@ ;; *gets shot for not knowing how to rate* This is my first actual piece of fan fiction evar . I've always been meaning to write but my ideas never seem to appear on paper >_<; So yea. Here it is.

~Love .. kimi no mirai … futatsu ni wakarete …~

Maru had set the opening of their new single as his alarm tone and by the time the electric guitars entered he was already sluggishly sitting up. As he slowly opened his eyes his gaze immediately fell upon a pleasant image he wishes he’d always see first thing in the morning. Despite the cool temperature in the room, heat instantly flushed throughout his body at the sight. From the half-closed curtained window the sun’s rays showered on the smooth angelic face of none other than Ueda Tatsuya.

The hotel room consisted of two single beds (a fact that maru was actually glad for – he’d have no idea how he’d be able to sleep on one big bed with.. ueda.). In the middle of admiring the almost- celestial beauty a memory jolted him back to reality. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stay like that for long because today was the day they would be filming for the promotional video of LIPS.

No Way! Not again ! I can’t be late this time ! Oh I’m so going to get scolded again!  ” he shouted after seeing the time on his cellphone. Apparently, he had set the alarm thirty minutes late forgetting the fact that they should be there thirty minutes earlier. While frantically retrieving his costume from the closet , he threw a pillow at Ueda who was still half-asleep.

Dake..do.. kizutsuke..ta ne” sang the half-awake celestial being off-key, turning to his side and with his voice still rough. “ What are you doing ?! Get up ! I don’t want to be late because of you!” Maru said, now clearly panicking and rushing to the bathroom.

“Ughh .. stop shouting .. my head still hurts … and you can go ahead anyway, you don’t have to wait for me” the awakened fairy replied standing up, shaking fairy dust off his body and finally also getting ready. His eyebrows met while looking at the excessively large neckline of his costume, wondering why the designer had attached this unnecessary heavy pink material at the shoulder. “I just hope it would turn out okay…” he whispered to himself, pertaining to his costume and about another thing.

Meanwhile, the seemingly more responsible man had numerous thoughts crossing his mind as he went through his bathroom routines. Oh no oh no… How many minutes do I have left? Oh no..and to think I’m the eldest I should be the most responsible, not the one late ! Oh how long had I been sitting there and staring at him like that? It took me that long…? Oh , this is really bad…

After brushing his teeth and looking up to see his reflection, he noticed that the mirror was completely fogged up. Clumsily, he wrote Ueda’s name on it, thinking to himself how childish and pathetic he could be when it came to Ueda. Afterwards, he drew one heart on each side of the name. One of the hearts was broken.

He hated being like this.

He still had work to think about.

Why the heck was he still in the bathroom doodling on the mirror?!

Relaxed and cross-legged on the couch, Ueda was contentedly drinking his hot chocolate. His eyes wandered and it eventually fell upon the half-closed door of the bathroom. Because of this, he was able to hear a disturbing squeaking sound. Him, being imaginative, disturbed himself even more as he thought of reasons why a squeaking sound was coming out of the bathroom while Maru was inside. Sadly , as he saw steam coming out, he realized it was most likely just Maru rubbing and clearing up the fogged-up mirror. Aww… No fun.. He went back to his hot chocolate, closing his eyes and swinging his leg.

By this time, Maru had come out of the bathroom all dressed but with his hair still dripping wet. “Come on, come on, we can still make it. Go ! Go ! Go !” he said gently pushing him and separating him from his beloved hot chocolate.

Maru pushed farther than he had intended and now they were already in the bathroom together. His eyes widened as he saw that his stupidity was still on the mirror. Quickly turning Ueda to face the opposite side, he dashed to the mirror and hurriedly swept his crime. With a sigh of relief he said he was going to leave now. Ueda remained where he was, unmoving, and with no reply. Maru, getting worried, started to move closer. He was hesitant and just going step by step. Abruptly, Ueda fell.

 Surprised, Maru was fortunately able to catch him. “ Hey! What happened to you?!  Are you sick?! You’re heavier than you look you know! Ba—ka ?! ehhh ?!” he exclaimed when he saw that the “idiot” was actually just dozing off. “You don’t even care when or where you fall asleep do you?” he said while knocking his head on the bathroom door.

You’re lucky it’s just me your with. If some other guy was with you in this state you’re in… well… lucky guy…but heck he’d have to answer to me.

 He was about to slap the peacefully sleeping Ueda on the face now to wake him up but as his hand drew near his cheeks , as if having a mind of its own, it slowed … instead of a sharp slap that was to land on his face … Maru’s palm was now instinctively caressing it. Why did you have to be my roommate today? …


screamed Maru’s cellphone waking the fairy from his dreams, and the helpless boy from his fantasy. Before Ueda could completely open his eyes Maru quickly dropped him from his hands and rushed to his cellphone. While Ueda was grumbling and crawling towards the bathroom he answered the call .

 “Oi , oi oi.. You’re going to be late again ! hahaha !” It was Koki, who was being bored out of his wits in the car, bugging the second most amusing person to annoy (Junno’s the first, but he was already with him in the car, asleep).  

Maru was seriously not in the mood.

From being able to have Ueda in his arms and being able to caress his cheeks, he just ended up dropping him on the floor and making his head hurt even more

… so he simply pressed the end call button.

 After a few minutes, Ueda came out of the bathroom lazily and untidily dressed.

“Faster ! Faster!” Maru said while helping the princess fix himself.

 Ueda kept quiet.

“Your hair’s a mess! We only have 10 minutes left ! It’s a good thing the studio’s near !”.

Ueda didn’t say anything.

 “Sorry about a while ago, I was panicking. It’s because you just had to fall asleep like that!”

 Ueda still kept quiet. Maru started to notice. They both suddenly froze as their eyes met.

“Hey.. .what’s wrong?” Maru said, in a concerned tone.      

“Nothing…” Ueda answered, looking down, in a trying-to-sound-casual voice.

“You suck at hiding things you know… Your eyes are saying something … tell me” the worried Maru said, while lifting Ueda’s chin and gazing at his deep eyes strongly.

“tsk. I told you it’s nothing… besides… eyes can lie…” was the weak reply the trapped fairy gave as he took off  Maru’s  hold from his chin and looked away.

“But you’ve never lied to me” Maru insisted , his eyes still looking firmly at him.

“How are you so sure ?!”Ueda said, with an accidentally higher tone than he had intended.

Maru pursed his lips as he went towards him and wordlessly started combing his hair.

“Sorry…my head just really hurts…” was the meek reply of the fairy.

“ How come? It’s not like you went out drinking last night.. ahaha..”Maru said, hopelessly trying to sound cheery.

“ughh… yea … ermm..”

“ WHAT ?! you  DID ?! with WHO ?!”

“Oww!” he yelped. Maru had forcefully stroke his hair with the comb out of shock. He turned and received   a cold blank stare from his hair stylist.

“I was just alone okay ! Sheesh ! I was downstairs at the bar in this hotel” the accused bluntly affirmed.

“Ohh.” was the only thing Maru said even if it wasn’t the only thing he wanted to say.


Koki was calling again. It wasn’t a useless call this time, both of them were already late.

As they ran to get a cab, a thought suddenly struck Ueda.

“ Hey Maru !” he called, panting but smiling and with his fairy dust scattering around him.

“Yea ? ” Maru replied, not turning to face him, still running.

“ So what if I was drinking last night with other people? “ the teasing fairy asked.

“ Ughh .. ehh .. umm .. ehhh … Oh look ! A ca-cab !” was the stuttered reply made by the cornered boy while  pointing nervously and even hitting his head as he entered the cab.

Ueda rolled his eyes when Maru clearly dodged his topic. His fairy wings sadly lowered and his fairy dust disappeared. It’s not like his answer was going to make me happy or anything anyway…

Why was he drinking alone last night ?... Why was he?...  Was he really alone ? the other one thought, now pretending to text the other bandmates.

sadaorusadaoru on March 10th, 2008 09:18 am (UTC)
\^n^/ rejoice!
Your fic is cute! I love how Ueda always has a fairy reference! It's MUCH love!
Also, I'm VERY VERY excited forthe next chappy!

Hope to read it soon!
Mae-chan / Rona Mae / Rona: maruda lipsmusikal_neko on March 10th, 2008 10:11 am (UTC)
OH !!!

thank you so so much for reading !!! ♥

But I think I'll be able to post it around next week cause this week is our exam week .___.;;

and I'm supposed to be on hiatus because I'm supposed to be studying *bangs head on desk*

I'm really glad you liked it :) I think I'll be posting it in the communities when chap 3 is up already ...