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HELLO! This is cigarettealiens. It will be a multi-purpose community run by mknsen08 [NEWS], kuroi_shin [KANJANI∞], and musikal_neko [KAT-TUN]. For the most part, it will be a "radio"-like station wherein we will have comments on recent events of mostly Johnny's Entertainment. We will also provide downloads for everything we play. Another use for this community is crack fanfiction collaborations by any groups between the three of us, or solo. Last, but not least, it will be the future fansubbing community. We're all getting ready and training for it. Please be kind to us! ♥

mknsen08 :Dv Well, this is your very obsessive compulsive mod. XD; All you have to know is that I love NEWS, and nearly most of Johnny's Entertainment. But right now, I'm fleeing and exploring the world outside JE and the world of JROCK. I absolutely love Miyavi, SID, An Cafe, Abingdon Boys School, Last Alliance, SHOWTA, /\ucifer, Nightmare and UVERworld. Okay... I'm still researching. XD; So I hope you'll look forward with our projects, and please support us and the artists! :)

Haaai. Taiki desu~ First of all, I'M FEMALE, yes! So dont go and think me a man or sth. i like all kinds of music, rock is more preferred. hence, why Ryo is my number one. cause, he's a ~*rockstar*~. now, before i go rave about him and kanjani8 i'll stop now. and yeah, you heard that right, k8 is my number one group in je. these are the few things you need to know about me. OH and, im prolly one of the most perverted people you're going to meet. ;3 for more information and clarification, please to visit kuroi_shin hee hee~ ;3.

Yo ! First of all, I love KAT-TUN to bits , Koyama is woah , Chinen's the most adorable ever (followed closely by Yuto and Yamada) and Yoko's the most wonderful boy while outside JE there is Teppei Koike ( WaT) and Takuya (UVERworld) who makes my heart go dokidoki and my inspirations Maroon 5 , YUI and Mika Nakashima.I like to write poems/stories , draw whatever, play the guitar/piano , compose songs, act in plays, speak in public, even if I know I'm really not good at doing those. Lastly, I'm scared of low cielings and Save the Earth ! XD nyahahaha... *laughter fades out*

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